1st year, 2 courses each, 24 ECTS total

In their first year, students will each undertake two laboratory apprenticeships. These will involve pairs of students spending 8 weeks working in a research group, under the mentorship of a supervisor. During this time, students will participate in the day-to-day running and experiments of the group, thus gaining first-hand experience of work in a research environment. Students are encouraged to perform their two apprenticeships in laboratories from differing fields of life science research, so that they students can learn two distinct sets of laboratory skills. At the conclusion of their second apprenticeship, students will then select one of their two laboratories to return to for their second year Research Project and, with the help of their supervisor, will develop their Research Proposal for it.

The list of Laboratory Apprenticeship topics available will vary from year-to-year, however the provisional list for 2020/2021 is as follows:

Call for Applications - Biotechnology for the Life Sciences International graduate/masters research program, academic year 2024/2025

The Faculty of Biotechnology & Drug Development is happy to announce that applications are now open for students wishing to begin the graduate/research program “Biotechnology for the Life Sciences” in October 2024. Biotechnology for the Life Sciences is a research focussed program, taught entirely in English, aimed at students aiming to pursue a career in life sciences research, either in academia or industry. Notably, the first year includes two 8-week long research apprenticeships in research laboratories, while the entire second year is dedicated to an in depth original research project.

Interested students should download and complete the application form and submit it to us, along with the other documents requested in it, to us by email (llife.sci@biotech.uniri.hr) by 31st March 2024. This first call is open for applicants of all nationalities. More information can be found in the Call for Applications. Please feel free to email us ( life.sci@biotech.uniri.hr) if you have any questions. The tuition fees for the course are €4500 per year, and apply to applicants of all nationalities.